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Our hotel complex in the heart of the Danube Bend is a romantic location for saying the happy yes, where you, your chosen one and the wedding party can enjoy intimate moments in the shade of hundred-year-old trees next to the caressing Danube.

The young couple can arrive by boat or even by horse-drawn carriage and say the blissful yes with us, they can experience this sacred moment
right in the Danube Wedding Pavilion, listening to the soft undulations of the Danube. You can keep the happy face of your love in your heart forever
and the soft whisper of the Danube. The romance and unique beauty of the swaying Danube, the atmosphere and tranquility of the Visegrád Mountains touching the sky,
will certainly create an intimate, intimate atmosphere on the big day.

For the church ceremony, the Vác Cathedral, the famous Vác White Church  or the Reformed Church in Vác can also provide a perfect location.

The Camelot Club Hotel and Restaurant provides 2 locations for the celebration, depending on the size of the wedding party and your dreams, you can choose from the following:

Restaurant: up to 60-70 people
Event tent: up to 80-220 people

Event hall with a panoramic view of the Danube:  up to 50 people

Each location presents you and the wedding party with the eternal beauty and sight of the Danube, the romantic landscape.
You can choose from 3 gourmet menus, but we can prepare any extremely special dish

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